We’ve Given the Classic Card Game “Old Maid” a Makeover

Original Old Babe Playing Card Deck Open Box

The “Old Babe” Original Playing Card Deck

The classic card game Old Maid gets turned on its head with Old Babe, a 52-card deck of illustrated playing cards featuring the sensational “Babe” and twelve of her dashing friends. Of course, in this version of the game, the winner is the player left holding Babe in their hand!

Prefer Texas Hold ‘Em? Babe does, too! This deck can also be used for poker-style card games, rummy, slapjack, bridge, hearts and more.

About Old Babe Card Co.

Original Old Babe Playing Cards

What’s Babe’s Story?

Like crazy-but-true stories?

This one’s about how one woman’s 40th birthday gift – ahem, to herself – and a serendipitous scroll through Instagram turned into a deck of 52 playing cards that flipped the [so, so stale] script on a Victorian-era card game.

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