About Us (Babe and I)

My five-year-old loved playing Old Maid, but I didn’t love what it stood for.

The classic playing card game has roots in the Victorian era. And, in the spirit of the social rules of the time, its “pair-up or else!” premise implied two things:

1. women should make marriage a mission, preferably one that’s accomplished while still “young and pretty”

2. women who don’t pair up are destined for a lonely, unfulfilled life (bah-hahahahha!)

(It also implied that old is ugly, albeit a skosh more subtly.)

So! For my 40th birthday –

I decided to “give” myself the cash to flip this game on its head. My vision for Babe was vivid. Through one of those serendipitous scrolls through Instagram, I found an insanely talented female illustrator, Melissa Ballesteros Parada. Over the course of a few months, Melissa sketched Babe and her cohorts to life.

As the story on the back of each deck goes, Old Babe is a woman in the fall-winter of her life***. She has opted for a lifetime of decisions made free of societal pressures (i.e., getting married, having children, being “good”, etc.) and, for it, she has lived sensationally ever after. Contrary to the Victorian-era script, Babe’s cup runneth over and her phone ringeth often. The other playing cards in the deck represent a few of her friends.

Babe and I? Our lives are two different kinds of sensational. I’m married. I have two kids and one dog. I live in the ‘burbs. But, trust! I have daydreamed about Babe’s life at length. (Where do you think the ideas for the male characters come from?)

In my real, actual life that I am living, I have no bigger, more fervent dream than for my children to self-define success and happiness.

I go to crazy creative lengths (i.e., creating a deck of ideologically feminist playing cards) to grow them in self-knowledge and self-love such that they will have the confidence to do one thing:

Make decisions based on the unique blend of stardust and special sauce that makes them uniquely, irreplaceably them. Even – and especially – when those decisions are unpopular.

So, that is Babe. And that is me. Babe is for my daughter and her little friends. She’s for me, my sisters, my mom and my aunties, my granny, my sensational single friends and my sensational coupled-up friends, too. Of course, she is also for you and yours.

Have a little fun,

Morgan (and Babe)

***A little research into the history of the playing card deck taught me that the spade is symbolic of the winter season of life or “older age”, a time when we’ve collected the experiences that produce wisdom, understanding, and acceptance. 

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